Enterprise software analysis is broken. Here’s a new, digital age, methodology to fix it.

Evaluating strategic options in a world where businesses have never been easier to start, but never been harder to scale

In the networked age, scale of production is no longer a moat. Instead, network effects are the new moat. Peter Thiel gets this; Buffet doesn’t.

The investment “moat”

I look for economic castles protected by unbreachable ‘moats’ -Warren Buffett

The banking software market is reconfiguring around the demands of the digital economy — and value is accruing to new systems of intelligence

A look at existing and emerging internet-age business models

Are US subscription-based business models an innovation, or a compromise? | artwork by @morysetta (IG)

Neither cuckoo clock nor silicon, Switzerland’s adaptive system combines lasting quality with cutting edge innovation

Ben Robinson

Launching and scaling digital era businesses at aperture | Board member at additiv & Assure Hedge | Based in Switzerland, but often found in London and Berlin

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